Developing .NET On A Mac – Resharper Alt+Insert

I’ve recently switched to a Macbook Pro and am doing my .NET development using VMWare Fusion.  I love it and it’s working very smoothly.

So far the biggest headache I’ve encountered is that I couldn’t figure out how to execute the Alt+Insert “Generate…” Resharper shortcut.

I found a few different posts with suggestions, neither of which worked for me for some reason.

If they don’t work for you either, then maybe you can try what I did:  Manually map the Fn+return combination to the Insert key within the VMWare Fusion preferences.

Step 1. Open the VMWare preferences panel from the “VMWare Fusion” menu,
Step 2. Navigate to the Keyboard & Mouse panel and then the Key Mappings subpanel,
Step 3. Click the + on the bottom left to add a new mapping,
Step 4. In the From: area, select input textbox and enter Fn+return  (will be displayed as “Num Pad Enter”).  Then choose “Insert” from the To: dropdown.

Now I can open the “Generate…” Resharper command with the Fn+option+return key combination.  Much better.


13 Responses to Developing .NET On A Mac – Resharper Alt+Insert

  1. Jeff Miller says:

    Cool, I am also a NET developer using Reshaper on a Mac Pro desktop via VMWare Fusion 2.

  2. Jan Dubois says:

    How can I generate “Num Pad +” and “Num Pad -” on the MacBook keyboard?

  3. chriskchew says:

    @Jan – Sheesh, I can’t figure it out, and Google doesn’t help much either. I wonder if having a usb number pad keyboard might help?

  4. Jan Dubois says:

    @Chris – Yes, that worked: I connected a USB PC keyboard. In the “To” field of the dialog you don’t have to select from the drop-down list, you can just press a key. After creating the mappings with the external keyboard I can now use them from the Macbook keyboard as well (I used Shift+Control+’-‘ for “Numpad -” and Shift+Control+’=’ for “Numpad +”). Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. chriskchew says:

    @Jan – Excellent! Thanks for the follow-up.

  6. cuende says:

    Please could you provide more info about your “transition”… I am aslo developing .NET 2005 & 2008… but I wish to use a MacPro…. but dont know…. maybe bootCamp is better for that.
    What are your “speed” feeling compare with a PC. I am really scared to buy a MacPro and discover that I am all the time in the PC side (bootcamp) because the speed, Visual Studio is very heavy and slow …
    Do you use Vista or XP. Thansks in advace… any help or advice is appreciated.

  7. […] Performance and Productivity I’ve had a number of questions about performance since I posted about ctrl+alt+insert and Resharper from VMWare Fusion.  Essentially, performance is totally […]

  8. chriskchew says:

    @cuende – I just posted some information in a new post, hopefully it helps!

  9. cuende says:

    Thank you very much! Yes it helps a lot !

  10. Ben says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm

  11. John says:

    Has anyone had the problem of VMWare Fusion not accepting keyboard input. I have the screen where I would do the ctrl-alt-delete and it won’t take input. If I force feed this to the machine it then provides me with the prompt to put my user name/password in for windows; however, the keyboard is not active –meaning I can press keys and get no response. there is nothing wrong with the keyboard generally as I can type in other fields. The mouse also seems to work. I am bringing up a new Macbook Pro and can’t get passed the first screen. Any help greatly appreciated.

  12. Pierre Desjardins says:

    I’m having a hard time with certain French caracters: è, à, ü, ç notably. On a true Win XP machine, using the French (Canada)-French (Canada) layout, I get the right caracters using a key combination that I have used since 1999. But on the VMWare Windows XP, using the same keyboard layout, I get the following caracters using the appropriate key combinations: “e, “a, +u, ¸¸c . Have any idea why the difference? How to fix it?

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