About The Author

I’ve been writing software since 1999 and have worked in the financial sector for the past four years.

My first project was a PHP/MySQL website that is still running today and serves ten people all across the globe who use it to manage the sale and delivery of millions of dollars worth of groceries every year. Naturally, that application breaks nearly every rule I’ve eventually learned. Go figure! 🙂

After a few years with PHP, I moved on to Java where I stumbled upon the early web MVC frameworks like Turbine and Struts and O/RM’s like Torque (a predecessor to Hibernate) and Hibernate. I was fortunate to participate in the development of Turbine, a pioneering IoC-based web framework and part of the Apache Jakarta family of projects.

I began developing .NET applications in 2004, where I promptly transferred all of my tools, techniques and lessons-learned from Java.

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to have the mass of the ALT.NET community behind me when I discuss architecture with VB programmers.

I look forward to hearing your questions, comments, and ideas. You can always call me at (720) 255-3797.


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