Developing .NET On A Mac – Resharper Alt+Insert

October 28, 2008

I’ve recently switched to a Macbook Pro and am doing my .NET development using VMWare Fusion.  I love it and it’s working very smoothly.

So far the biggest headache I’ve encountered is that I couldn’t figure out how to execute the Alt+Insert “Generate…” Resharper shortcut.

I found a few different posts with suggestions, neither of which worked for me for some reason.

If they don’t work for you either, then maybe you can try what I did:  Manually map the Fn+return combination to the Insert key within the VMWare Fusion preferences.

Step 1. Open the VMWare preferences panel from the “VMWare Fusion” menu,
Step 2. Navigate to the Keyboard & Mouse panel and then the Key Mappings subpanel,
Step 3. Click the + on the bottom left to add a new mapping,
Step 4. In the From: area, select input textbox and enter Fn+return  (will be displayed as “Num Pad Enter”).  Then choose “Insert” from the To: dropdown.

Now I can open the “Generate…” Resharper command with the Fn+option+return key combination.  Much better.